Brogdens in the West Riding of Yorkshire

1299 - 1570

The following references were compiled in November 2001 by Dr George Redmonds, author of the definitive publication in the English Surnames Series: Yorkshire West Riding, published by Phillimore in 1973 and now out of print. Dr Redmonds has kindly agreed to the inclusion of this list in the Brogden website.


From Brogden in Barnoldswick, a place-name first recorded in the early 13th century. The prefix is said to be 'brook' from the Old English word, so the name means 'stream-valley'. The historic spellings parallel those of the surname, e.g. Brokden, Brokeden, Brockeden, Brogden.


YAS for publications in the Yorkshire Record Series
SS for the Surtees Society
Th for the Thoresby Society
YAJ for the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal.

The following references occur in the accounts of Bolton Priory:
1299-1300 Et Ade de Brockedene pro lana in parte hoc anno xxxj.s. ijd.
1314-15 Ade Brockeden de antiquo debito xj.s
1323-24 Ade de Brocdene de antiquo debito vij.s. YAS154

1381 The name W(illiam) Brogden appears in a survey of Sawley Abbey. He seems to have a position as page or chamberlain for the Prior. Whitaker/Craven, p. 52
1409 William de Brokden, Calton NRA Calendar

At least one member of the family emigrated to York in the mid 1400s and thereafter several Brogdens played a prominent part in the city's life.
1470 Dionis Brokden, merchant, was a freeman of the city. SS96
1474 Dionis Brokden was a member of the Guild of Corpus Christi, York SS57
1483 Thomas Brokden was a cooper in York, formerly apprenticed to Richard Rae. SS96

1486 Henry Brokden¸ clerk, had a bequest of a silver spoon in the will of John Lese of Pontefract. Th26
1505 William Brokden, cooper, was elected a freeman of York. SS96

The Clifford Muster of 1510-11, known as the Flodden Roll, was first printed in a volume of John Nicholson's poetry and then reprinted by Richard Hoyle in YAS145:
1510-11 William Brokden of Thorleby, a bow, able in horse and harnes.

1513 James Brokkeden of Rawmarsh was one of several men who, trustees, leased property in Rawmarsh to John Byrkehed of Wakefield. TWH16 (Note the later Rotherham reference)
1519 William Brokden was buried at Gargrave, his will written 16 March and proved 10 April. YAS11
1522 Sir Herry Brogden, priest, witnessed the will of Thomas Lowkes of Normanton.
(Note the reference to South Yorks. priests called Henry in 1486 and 1527) Th9

The following references are in the so-called Loan Book for Craven which was probably one of Wolsey's assessments on land and goods:
1522 Nicholas Brokeden, Carleton, tenant to the rodepriste of Skipton 30s. goods,
Richard Brokeden, Newton, tenant to thabbot of Salley, 30s.
Richard Brokeden, Bracewell, tenant to the seid Sir Richard Tempest, 5s. lands, 13s. 4d. goods.
Thomas Brokden, Horton, tenant to Sir Richard Tempest, goods, 10s.
Richard Brokeden, Paythorne, tenant to thabbot of Salley £5 lands 10s. goods,
William Brokden, Paythorne, tenant to thabbot of Sallay 6s. 8d.
Christopher Brockeden, Barnoldswick 20s. YAS145

Subsidy Roll:

1524 Widow of John Brokeden, Paythorne, 20s. goods tax 6d.
Nicholas Brokeden, Paythorne, 40s. goods tax 12d.
Richard Brokeden, Paythorne, 40s. goods tax 12d.
Richard Brokeden, Bracewell, 20s. goods tax 6d. YAS145
John Brokden, servant to William Hill of York, in wages 20s. tax 4d. YAJ4

Subsidy Roll:

1525 Richard Brokden, Paythorne, 40s goods tax 12d.
Nicholas Brokkden, Paythorne, 40s. goods tax12d.
William Brokden, Paythorne, 40s. goods tax 12d.
Richard Brokden, Bank Newton, 40s. goods tax 12d. YAS145

1527 Sir Henry Brokeden, a curate of the parish of Rotherham, witnessed a will of John Baites of Halifax. Clay
1533 Richard Brokden was buried at Gargrave, his will written 10 Dec. and proved 13 Jan. 1533-34 YAS11
1535 John Brokden, Askwith, archer, able but having no harness. Muster Roll. Th15
1535 A messuage and garden in Bradford in the occupation of John Brokden was conveyed by Edward Bollyng to Robert Bollyng and others. WYD
1540 Robert Brokden of Stocks in Bracewell paid 6d. free rent for lands there. He was a tenant of the Knights Hospitaller. YAS61
1540 Laurence Brokden, paynter, son of William Brokden, cooper, was made a freeman of York. SS96
1542 Agnes Brokdeyn had a bequest of 6s. 8d. in the will of Thomas Wescow of Pannall. SS104
1543 William Brogden had a bequest of 3s. 4d. in the will of Richard Allen of Harewood. Th19

Subsidy Roll:

1543 Widow Richard Brockden, Bank Newton, 40s. goods tax 4d.
William Brockden, Bank Newton, 40s. goods tax 4d.
Richard Brokden, Bracewell, 40s. goods tax 4d.
Thomas Brokden, Bracewell, 20s. goods tax 2d.
William Brokden, Hellifield, 20s. goods tax 2d.
Christopher Brockden, Barnoldswick, goods £4 tax 8d.
Nicholas Brokden, Barnoldswick, goods 20s. tax 2d.
Christopher Brockden, Thorlby, 40s. goods tax 4d.
Thomas Brockeden, Thorlby, 40s. goods tax 4d. YAS145

1543 Richard Brokden, husbandman, of Stocks in Bracewell, made his will 14 April. It was proved 19 May. YAS11

Subsidy Roll:

1545 Henry Brokden, Paythorne, £3 goods tax 3d.
Richard Brokden, Paythorne, 40s. goods tax 2d. YAS145

Subsidy Roll

1547 Christopher Brocden, Barnoldswick, goods £5 tax 3s. 4d.
Widow Richard Brockden, Bank Newton, £5 goods tax 3s. 4d. YAS145

1548 William Brokden of York, a chamberlain of the city. SS96
1548 William Broigdeyn had a bequest of 12d. in the will of Thomas Cross of Castleford. Th19
1551 approx. Christopher Brokeden was one of numerous men who took part in a riotous assault in the Cusworth-Womersley area. The case was heard at the court of Star Chamber. YAS51
1553-58 Archbishop Holgate(York) refused to accept the presentation of William Brogden to Womersley, on the grounds that this priest was seditious and a sower of 'noghty doctrine'. Brogden brought a case against him and was duly instituted by the Marians. A.G. Dickens
1556 Christopher Brogdon, husbandman, of Womersley, made his will 13 Oct. 1556. It was proved 7 June 1557. YAS14
1557? A former nun called Agnes Cutler left a gold royal in her will to her brother William Brokedain and another royal, a gold ring and her best frock to her sister Elizabeth, William's wife. She also left money to several of their children. YAS150
1557 William Brockden witnessed a decree concerning St. Peter's School, York. YAS27
1558 William Brokden, draper, was elected as Sheriff of York, 24 Nov. YAS110
1559 Alice Brogden had a bequest of one silver girdle in the will of Margery Burton of Monk Fryston. Th27
1559 John Brokden of Bradford (in Bowland?) made his will 2 March. It was proved 12 April 1559. YAS14
1563 Henry Brokden of Ellenthorpe was buried at Gisburn. His will dated 11 Nov. 1563, proved 19 April 1564. YAS14
1563 William Brokden of York, draper, in a bond with William Vavasour re an indenture of even date. Witnesses included Richard & James Brockeden. YAJ17
1564 William Brokeden purchased common pasture in Kelfield and pasture land in 'Eskrigge' from William Vavasoure. YAS2
1567 William Brogden purchased land in Hebden and half the advowson of Burnsall church from Richard Tempest, Esq. YAS2
1567 William Brokdyn was one of several men who supervised the setting up of work for loiterers and vagabonds in York. YAS112
1569 Thomas Brogden, student in the university of Cambridge was presented by William Brogden of York, on the death of the last incumbent, to the living in Burnsall YAS133
1569 William Brokdeyn of York was admonished for not wearing his crimson gown on St. Stephen's day. YAS112
1570 William Brogden purchased a messuage and lands in Kelfield and Stillingfleet from William Vavasour. YAS2
1570 Edmund Brockden witnessed several deeds relating to property in Bolton by Bowland. YAS56
1570 Thomas Brockden, a tenant of Bradford manor, named in the court rolls. Bradford Library