Brogden and Brogdon Places

The following streets, places and buildings use the Brogden or Brogdon name. The reasons are known in some cases. Please email Mike Brogden if you have explanations for the others or any other streets, places or buildings to add.

Note: In the UK the spelling is almost always Brogden but in the USA the don spelling is almost as prevalent as the den.

  • Brogden: a hamlet near Barnoldwick in Lancashire, UK; previously in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Brogden = brook dene: the valley of the brook. This is the origin of the Brogden surname.
  • Also to be found near Barnoldswick: Brogden Lane (the line of a Roman road through Brogden); Brogden View; Brogden Street; Brogden Hall (now demolished); Brogden Hall Farm.
  • Brogden Farm, Sabden, Clitheroe, Lancashire: probably named after the Brogden family who lived here in the 1820s (if not earlier). Descendents of James Brogden of Sabden now live in Canada. Click here for a picture of Brogden Farm
  • Brogden Close, Botley, Oxford: named after Stanley Brogden (1904-1991) in recognition of his services as a parish and county councillor.
  • Brogden Stand, Tubney Woods, Oxfordshire - a plantation of trees, perhaps named after the Brogden from Cumnor who was employed there and planted them.
  • Brogden Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire.
  • Brogden Drive, Gatley, Stockport, Cheshire.
  • Brogden Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
  • Brogden Green, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, North Yorkshire.
    • Thanks to Craig Philips who grew up in Brogden Green. He says Brogden Green is near a stream (Ormesby Beck) which runs past Pennymans Sidings. Pennymans Sidings was the site of The Middlesbrough Meteorite. This was a 1.5kg chondrite meteorite, 4.5 billion years old, formed at the same time as the Earth and the solar system. It fell on 14 March 1881, witnessed by workment just yards away.
  • Brogden Court, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. (Need to research the Buckinghamshire connections)
  • Brogden Grove and Brogden Terrace, Sale, Cheshire: named after John Brogden of Sale.
  • Brogden House, Leigh, Greater Manchester (Is this a John Brogden & Sons connection?)
  • Brogden Street, Ulverston, Lancashire: presumably named after John Brogden of Sale whose company built the local railway.
  • Arthur John Brogden Lodge: masonic lodge at Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, named after a founder member, grandson of John Brogden the railway contractor, Arthur John Brogden (1854 - 1885). His portrait hangs in the starcase. (See Brogdens - some branches)
  • Brogden - a hamlet of 5 dwellings near Maidstone, Kent, each of which has the name. For example, Brogden Farm Oast. The name presumably arises from the same root as Brogden in Yorkshire/Lancashire: brook-dene/brook-valley. Nearby is the similar, Brogdale. George Redmonds, the surname expert, says that he has seen no suggestion that this Kent Brogden has given rise to a surname.
  • Brogdon Street in Bryan, Texas, USA
  • Brogdon Road in Houston, Texas, USA
  • Brogden Bridge in Florida, USA
  • Brogdan Hollow, Mississippi, USA
  • Brogdin Block, Port Hope, Canada
  • Brogden Close, West Bromwich, Birmingham: perhaps named after Alexander Brogden (son of John of Sale) who was a local MP for 17 years.
  • WJBrogden Psychology Building and Brogden Hall, University of Wisconsin, USA: named after a former psychology professor.
  • Brogden Point, overlooking Lake Otis, USA: 19 acres planted by Isla Van Clief Brogden in 1978.
  • Brogden, North Carolina, USA; possibly named after Curtis Hooks Brogden, Governor of North Carolina in the 1870s. Birthplace of the Hollywood actress, Ava Gardner.
  • Brogden Hall: opened in 1954 at the New Hanover High School, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.
  • Brogdon, Sumter, South Carolina, USA
  • Brogden in Georgia, USA
  • Brogdon Branch, (name of a stream) Aiken, South Carolina, USA
  • Brogdon Hall, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA
  • James Street and Mary Street, Porthcawl, South Wales: named after James (son of John the railway contractor) and Mary Brogden who developed the town.
Brogden Farm Sabden

Brogden Farm, Sabden, Clitheroe, Lancashire